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I didn't ask for this war -


I didn't ask for this war,
Yet I am pulled into the fray;
Here to serve my country
And to try to live through the day.

Bullets whine around me,
The fighting's getting fierce;
The enemy tanks are coming
Our line of defense to pierce.

I think about my mother
Who's waiting way back home;
I think about my sweetheart,
Oh, how my thoughts do roam!

I remember dad's hug goodbye
The tears that fell so free;
And I wonder, will I ever
Feel the love again for me?

It's cold and it is raining,
And my world is torn apart
When a sniper's bullet
Tears into my heart.

My buddies take the sniper;
And with dying eyes I see
One of them holds our flag
Proclaiming liberty!

A flag-draped coffin carried
By other brave young men
Take me to Arlington
Where I can rest again.

So many crosses, row on row
So many had to die -
It is to be remembered
As you pass us by.

To be remembered as a son,
Who fought for freedom here
To hold high our honor
And love for those held dear.

Take up the battle we have fought;
Don't be afraid to fight
To keep a free America -
To be remembered is our right!

Dedicated to veterans of all wars who now rest.
They are truly to be remembered.

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