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by Bikei
Rated: 13+ · Essay · Teen · #563481
Personal Statement essay about the night I ranaway and how it affected me.
How did I end up there? I had no idea! My plan was to go to Emily’s house, when, in actuality, I was supposed to be at home, in bed, asleep.
I needed to get away for a little while, so I got in my car and drove. Staind’s music cried at me all the way, while I flew down the dark country roads. I had on my cute little baseball cap, just like the real runaways in the movies. In seconds, I went from absolutely adorable to positively petrified as I pulled into his driveway. Moments later, I found myself in his room, clueless.
I sat there, Indian style, on the impromptu bed he made me. I wore gray sweats and a blue tee with a left breast pocket that reminded me of my daddy. The scruffy patchwork quilt was collected around my waist as I squeezed the navy feather pillow against my chest. Masks of the band Slipknot stared me down and random hockey player posters hovered over me as I thought about everything that happened. Apparently I was absentmindedly staring, because he opened one eye and gave a sleepy, “Can I help you?” “I’m sorry… I can’t sleep… it’s been a long night.”
Seeing my unease, he grumbled and sat up. We began to talk. I should not have runaway, he convinced me of that. We talked about my mother and how we got along, and what my daddy had been like. “How could you abandon your mother like that, especially after your dad ran out on her so long ago?” I did not know. I could not answer his question.
We continued to talk through the morning hours, sitting on his bed, drinking Mountain Dew. The conversation changed direction. He helped me figure out what I want in life. I know that’s not something people should decide for you, and it wasn’t; he was just my guide. He helped me remember, and now I will never again forget that I am an individual. I learned more about myself that night than I ever have. I had runaway to relearn how to be the carefree girl I once was and I needed a non-threatening night of fun to do it. My inexplicable night turned out to be just that. It was pure, simple, uninhibited fun.
We woke the next morning to a frantic six-thirty phone call from my mother. I changed into my school clothes and drove to meet the new life that awaited me. I know I made the wrong decision when I ran, but I do not regret it. It was by far the best and most monumental night of my life. How did I end up there? I have decided that fate took me there to help me forget about the pressures of school and to rediscover what is truly important in life, having friends who love and support me, even in the middle of the night.
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