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by Domino
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Theses are some writtings about cetian ppl that I have grown to love and admire from afar
I read his stoys of his life constantly. Trying to find a way that I can put myself into his life. I have pictures of him on my walls and in my mind. Forever a reminder of what I want and with who. I play his music like they church hymns to save my soul from forever damnation. What more do I need? I need him. I need my Savor.
My Immortal God. A God so beautiful that still brings tears to my everytime I look apond him. His blond hair flows like golen fingers in the nights air. His hazel eyes would release the pain I feel when I look apond them. How loving he would be and welcome me with open arms. Not just because he feels pitty on me but because he wants me near. He needs me near. OH GOD SAVE ME FROM MY LIFE! Let me join you and your forever quest. LESTAT, MY GOD, I CRY UNTO YOU!
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