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My first dialogue please read
Remy a 13 year old rebal, stomps on to the stage (a derelict old school) He is wearing a thin tshirt trousers and some very old boots. His hair is long and untamed. He is muttering to himself

Remy: Don' do dis don't do tha'. Who does 'e fink I am. 'Is slave? Well dad don' have me dis time. (looking around carefully he brings out a sketch book.)Let's see now. (sits down at a disused desk)

Melenie entres she is the confident, pretty girl who loves to write. Her chestnut hair is soaking due to the rain but she is dressed in warm clothes. She is 15. She creeps up on Remy.

Melenie: Watcha doin'?
Remy:(spins round)Geez ya neally made me smodge the dr...
Mel: What?
Remy: Ya tha' gerl Dan was rantin' about.
Mel: What?!
Remy: Ain' ya Melenie Timber? Live a' 66 Manville road? Well rich?
Mel: Yeah... So!?
Remy:(shrugs) Just da' you have tha' big 'ouse of yours. I don' see why ya here.
Mel: Well it's none of your buisness. You freak.(she snatch's his scetchpad from him)
Remy: Hey give da' back! It's all I got tha' don' come from charity...

She opens it and begins flicking through the pages. Her face becomes more and more astonished.

Mel: Well I guess you're Remy Blarwin.The only kid that can beat Laura at art.
Remy:So wha' of it?
Mel:These are tres bon.
Remy: In english?!
Mel: Very good. Very bloomin' good!
Remy: Alrigh' no need ta shou'
Mel:How does a kid like you draw like this?
Remy: By using my imadgination.
Mel: You could go pro with these.
Remy:(stays silent)
Mel: Honest.
Remy:Mel can I show you something?
Mel: ummmmmmmm
Remy: Please?
Mel: oookkk.
Remy:(folds down a tatty blackboard and then unhooks it) See.

*focus should be on the pair not the wall at this point, zoom on Remy then Mel and her expression.

Mel: Oh my God Remy.That is like totally beautiful.How did you do this?
Remy:Dere were some paints in the old store-cupboard...
Mel: No you stuipid little git. How can you, of all people, do such- compassionate drawings.
Remy: I guess when no-one really cares. Somethin' got'a be expressed.

The wall is covered in a rainbow of colours which formed a baby dragon,crying.A fiery bird has its wings enclasped around the dragon, but a skeleton with a scyth in its hand is hacking at the bird. To one side a griffin lies with a bottle beside it.

Mel drops her own note book with a clatter. Remy picks it up before she can reach it.

Remy: Is dis ya story? Ya beat tha' prat Simon for the writin' cup las' year din' ya? (eyes become stormy)
Mel: Yes. (looks embaressed)
Remy: May i read i'.
Mel: Go ahead it's really crap.
Remy:( As he reads the story his face lights up.)My mam used ta say da' ya never abandond ya friends too. She's awful like tha' gel in ya book.
Mel: ( looks to the younger boy and her voice lowers)How did she die?
Remy: I never said she was dead!( his voice is high cracked).
Mel: Everyone knows. Her death was announced at school, guess you wernt there... The teachers said we had to be nice to you.
Remy: Cancer. She died of cancer. It was nine months then ....
Mel: I'm sorry.
Remy: Sorry! Every God damned person is bloody sorry! Well I'm not and I don' care!(pauses) I like your book by the way.
Mel: Thank you. But you do care. Deep down.
Remy: No I don' any way I don' wanna talk about i'.
Mel: Fine.
Remy: Good.
Mel: Yeah...
(awkward pause)
Remy: When ya came in 'ere, I wandered why you were 'ere. Is it cos ya wanna write.
Mel: Yeah my brother and sister are twins. There's never any peace at home.
Remy: No rest for the wicked, heh?
Mel: Hey! (laughs and flicks Remy with her pen lightly)

They write and draw for the next half hour.

Remy: Mel i jus' fough' of summin'.Why don' i illustrate ya books. I don' need payin'. I've already drawn da' gel from i'.
Mel:You know, for a 13 year old you think more like a year 14.
Remy:So watcha say?
Mel:I say... Let's go for i'. I can write and you can draw.It'll work.

For awhile longer they do what they came to do.Then Melenie stands up.Remy hands her some pictures of her characters.

Mel:They're awesome.Thanks.
Remy: No problem.
Mel:Why don't we meet here tommorow.Same time.
Remy:Ok by me.
Mel:Well see ya.(Exits)
Remy: Maybe life ain' so bad after all.(Gathers his things and exits)

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