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The story of how a gift can bring true love...
The 16-year old teenager stood by herself on the corner of the sidewalk. Her name was Samantha; she had long brown hair that blended beautifully with her lightly tanned skin. She was also pregnant, the result of a night of passion that occurred 7 months ago.

Her life had been a living hell since her mother died a year ago. Samantha’s mother was the only person Samantha ever built a loving relationship with. Her father was a drunk who for the most part ignored his daughter; in fact the only reason her parents got married was because Samantha’s mother got pregnant with her at 17.

“I’m glad the bitch is dead, I just wish I could be rid of you Samantha.” Her father’s cruel words haunted her and sent her further into despair

With the death of her mother, it seemed no cared if she was alive or dead. She had no friends; this wasn’t because she was mean spirited, it was because she was shy and kept to herself. The tears that she cried went unheard by her father. She tried to hide the pain from other people, but she would often break into tears. Soon she began to question if she was put on the Earth to suffer and die alone. But when she had given up all hope, she met a young man named Darwin.

They had met at a burger resturant; after the death of her mother, she rarely ate at home. As she sat there eating, the pain overwhelmed her. She put her head on the table and started to cry.

“Something wrong?”

Samantha lifted her head off the table, and saw a young teenager standing there.

“Nothing you should be concerned about” she said in a tear filled voice.

“Look, I’m not leaving until I find out what’s wrong.”

“Go away you goddamn bastard, I don’t want to talk to you!”

The young man picked up his wallet, and left the McDonalds. Samantha began to feel guilty, “He was only trying to help,” she thought silently.

Picking up her purse she ran after him. “Wait!! She yelled after him.

The young man turned around. “ I thought you didn’t want to speak to me.”

“I was wrong, I’m sorry” tears began to swell in her eyes again. “I’ve just began under a lot of stress recently because of the death of mother”

“It’s okay,” He said as he took her hands and held them. “What’s your name?”


“Nice to meet you Samantha” he said with a smile. “I’m Darwin.”

Darwin also lived a life filled with tragedy; he lost both his parents at an early age and was forced to live with his aunt. His aunt was an abuser of crack and was less than thrilled to be watching her nephew. With their common bond, Samantha and Darwin finally found the companionship they had longed for all their lives. This bond would lead to a night that would change both their lives forever.

“I wish I was a free as the seagulls, able to go anywhere I wanted to”

Darwin looked at Samantha and smiled “Seagulls may be able to go anywhere they want, but I’m glad just the way I am so long as I have you.”

The two looked into each other’s eyes and started to kiss.

Samantha awoke the next morning lying in a bed naked. It didn’t take her long to figure out what had happened. She looked over at Darwin, who was still asleep, moving silently out of the bed, she redressed and snuck out of the room quietly.

She bought every home pregnancy test she could find and returned home. She waited a few days not wanting to know if she had ruined her life. Finally after two weeks she summoned up the courage to take the test. The test results broke her heart she was pregnant.

“You ------- slut! Her father yelled as soon as he found out. “Get out of my damn house and never come back, you and that bastard child can die in the gutter for all I care.” With sadness and an empty heart Samantha left the only home she had known for 16 years.

Alone and in shame she wandered the streets aimlessly, knowing she took the same path as her mother. As she stood on the sidewalk alone, a figure approached her. At first she couldn’t make out who it was, but when she saw it was Darwin she ran away her eyes filled with tears.

Darwin quickly caught up with her and pulled aside. “What the hell is wrong with you, why did you run away?”

Samantha in a tearful voice replied sadly, “I’m pregnant and I don’t want this child to be born like I was, into a world where it feels no love.”

Darwin grabbed her hand squeezing it tightly. “I’ll never let our child live without our love. No human should live in a world where they feel no love, and no matter what happens; the child we created together will fell the love we never had from our parents.”

The two gazed into the others eyes and embraced each other for what seemed like ages.

The End
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