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The Easter bunny learns about Easter.

[Author's note-- I wrote this as a two character
skit. The first part is the Easter Bunny and the
other is Chris, the Dog. They take turns in this
conversation, beginning with the Easter

“Oh, have I got busy lots to do! Busy lots to
do...Easter is four days away and I have got to
decorate enough eggs for Pennsylvania, New
York and New England tonight....Canada
tomorrow and Friday...Great Britain on
Saturday....Worldwide distribution Saturday
night...BUSY LOTS TO DO!” (sigh)

“Hi Easter Bunny! How are you today?”

“Very busy! OHH...look out! Whew. You
almost scrambled the eggs for Scranton!”


“Yes, Pennsylvania. Scranton, Pennsylvania.
Oh, I have no time for this. Who are you?”

“My name’s Christian but I like to be called
Chris. I can see you’re very busy and I’m so
sorry I nearly broke your eggs. May i help you?
Then you could finish sooner.”

“Oh, would you? I’d be glad for the help and
some company. Come sit by me behind the
workbench and you won’t be in danger of
stepping on any eggs. You can dip eggs in
this bowl of blue dye and set them over there.”

“Okay.” [Chris, the dog, dips several eggs
and sets them aside to dry.] “Easter Bunny,
this is fun!”

“Yes, it is...until the three millionth egg or so
anyway. Would you believe some people think
that I lay these eggs?And that they come with
purple stripes and yellow polka dots?”

“Where do you get so many eggs?”

“I buy all I can from the grocery stores. I’m the
reason Moms have a hard time buying eggs
for their holiday baking.” (sigh) “I feel bad
about that.”

“Then why do you buy so many?”

“Because there wouldn’t be any Easter if I
didn’t decorate zillions of eggs and hide them
for all the children to find on Easter morning!”

“Easter isn’t about what is found. It’s actually
about what wasn’t found.”

“What do you mean...’what wasn’t found?”

“When Jesus was crucified and died, He was
wrapped in linen cloths and laid in a tomb. A
huge stone was rolled over the opening. It
was sealed and guards were stationed to
keep His disciples from tampering with it.
When some women came on the third day
after His burial, they didn’t find HIm..He wasn’t

“How could that be? Where on earth could
He have gone? Dead people don’t get up and
go anywhere. That doesn’t make sense.”

“You’re right, that doesn’t make sense. But
you see, Jesus is the Son of God. He came to
be the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. He was
holy and sinless, yet He died a criminal’s
death. Basically, God knew that we couldn’t
be holy because of our sins, so He sent His
Son, who took every sin upon Him and paid
our penalty.”

“Why would anyone want to do that? What
difference does it make...He’s still dead and

“It wouldn’t make any difference at all if that
were the end of the story. But it isn’t the end...
When the women arrived at the tomb,
expecting to wrap the Jesus’ body in
spices...Jesus WASN’T there! The women
couldn’t believe it and they ran back to the
disciples to tell them.”

“So that’s what you meant by what wasn’t
found? What happened then?”

“Well, the women told this to the disciples
and two of them ran to the tomb to see for
themselves. All they found were the linen
cloths. They couldn’t understand it so they
went back to the others and they shut
themselves into a room, with the door locked.
They didn’t want to be found by the Pharisees
or the Romans who had killed Jesus so they
were hiding.”

“I can understand that. Who took the body
away? Didn’t you say there were guards and

“Yes, I did. Well, they were all together in this
room, locked in, when Jesus appeared with
them! He was alive! He was there, just as
he’d always been! After three days, God
raised Him from the dead and He appeared
again to His disciples.”

“That’s pretty hard to believe. They must have
been imagining...maybe they were seeing

“They thought the same thing, until Jesus
actually got hungry and asked for some food
and ate it in front of them. One of the disciples
wasn’t there, but was when Jesus returned
some days later. His name was Thomas. He
said that he wouldn’t believe it unless He saw
the nail prints in His hands and the scar in HIs
side. Jesus told him to inspect the wounds
and when Thomas did, He knew that it was
absolutely true...Jesus had died and now he
is alive again!

“Where is Jesus now? Is He still alive?”

“Yes, He is. He is seated at the right hand of
the Father in Heaven. After His death and
resurrection many people witnessed Him
ascending into the sky, returning to His Father
in Heaven. He promised to return one day to
bring all those who believe in Him with Him
into Heaven.”

“What a fairy tale...why do people believe

“Because the Holy Spirit reveals the truth to
men’s hearts. Also, because the Bible is a
witness to this. The Bible hasn’t changed in
two thousand years, regardless of history,
translation or tradition...the truth remains the
same...Jesus Christ is alive, yesterday, today
and forever!
John 3:16 says ‘For God so loved the world
that he gave his one and only Som, that
whoever believes in him shall not perish but
have eternal life.’ “

“So Easter isn’t about finding Easter eggs.
It’s about finding Jesus?”

“That’s right. And He isn’t as hard to find as
an egg, either. If you believe that Jesus died
for your sins, just ask Him to forgive you and
welcome Him into your heart.”

“Jesus, I believe that you died for my sins and
that you were buried. I believe that your grave
was empty on Easter morning and that you
are alive. Forgive me for buying so many eggs
and please come and live in my heart. Amen.”
Hey Chris, let’s bring all these extra eggs
back to the store!”

“Great idea, Easter Bunny! Let’s go!”
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