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The old man walked out to the porch
And set down in the rocking chair,
Picked up his old guitar
With hands time-worn with care.

His face sunburned, like leather,
Told the story of his life,
Filled with years of struggle;
He'd just buried his wife.

Now most things he could handle,
As he worked to make life better;
Yet today he felt beaten
And his cheeks were getting wetter.

He brushed away the tears and then
Began to play the song
That she had loved so dearly
When both of them were strong.

The old man's music filled the air
With a haunting melody
And drifted over the hillside
Alive, intense and free.

The guitar dropped from his hands
Down beside the boots of leather;
And the old man's spirit left this world
To be with his true love, forever.

Now you may think it strange
That the music lingers still,
As the old man and his dear wife
Walk together on the hill.

But stranger things have happened,
And it's nice to think it's true
That when two people love enough
Life goes on; I believe - Do you?

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