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What happens when a rebellious teenager ignores warnings and suffers the consequences?
Zoom In.
We are in a hallway of a junior high school. A bell rings, its tones reaching out to the ears of every student. In a matter of seconds, the hallway is filled with bustling students going to their next class.
We focus in on one boy. He has green hair that matches perfectly with his green eyes. He is walking slouched over with his hands stuck deep in his pockets. A man who is obviously the principal comes up behind him.
“Luke Jacobson!” he says. “Why weren’t you in school yesterday?”
“I dunno,” the boy named Luke replies. “I didn’t feel like coming, so I ditched.”
“I’m going to have to issue you a detention, young man,” the principal tells him.
“I don’t think so,” Luke says. “Later.” The principal just shakes his head and walks away.
We follow Luke as he walks down the hallway. He passes a doorway, then stops and looks at it like he has never seen it before. There is a sign on it that says, “Do Not Enter.” Of course, he goes in.
All that is in the room is a desk, the kind that is attached to the chair. This chair is red. Blood red. The desk is pushed up against the wall. On the wall there is another sign. This one says, “Do Not Sit In Desk Under Penalty Of Death.” Luke sits in the desk out of curiosity. Unfortunately, he didn't remember that curiosity kills the cat.
A metal bar slides from the desk to the chair on the side that is open. At the same time, metal rings secure Luke’s legs to the desk legs, trapping him completely. Then the desk and the chair slowly begin to move together.
Luke screams as he realizes what will happen if he does not get out. He screams continuously, but no one can hear him. Everyone is where he or she should be, in class. Everyone is there, except Luke.
Luke begins to sob. If only he had followed the sign’s advice. He is going to die, and there is no way to stop it. He closes his eyes as he feels a squeezing around his waist. It is all over in a few minutes.
About an hour later, the principal walks in. He sighs as he sees the chair has a new coat of blood, but smiles a little when he sees who the victim is. He reaches under the desk and pulls a secret lever. The floor opens up, and what remains of Luke slides down into an underground pit. In the pit, we can see several skeletons, also cut in half, before the floor closes up again. No one will ever find Luke or the other kids in the pit. The principal leaves, shutting the door behind him. The desk sits there, waiting, waiting, until the next year, when another rebellious person will find the empty room and sit in the Desk of Doom. But that is a completely different story.
Zoom Out.
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