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Caught up in your fiery glamour! Will I find my way home- or follow you to ... the end?
My Will-O-Wisp1

Sparkling beneath
the darkening skies,
your aura —
a Lorelei2 lighthouse—
and my course distorts
to whirlwind orbit.
Flying astray
as ... dizzy head denies
the rules of up
and down,
... race in circles
(never closing in) and
... rush to capture
distant, dancing,
elusive eyes.
... play the moth
(desperately small)
and quest to swim
... the phosphorescent pyre
of your distant, dancing,
electric eyes.
... thirst for fire,
a golden-flame Nirvana,
a perilous, flickering legend,
a rumor dimly reflected
in your distant, dancing,
enigmatic eyes.

1  Will-O-Wisp: a faerie, like a ball of fire, who endangered people by luring them into the woods at night.
2  Lorelei were Mermaids who enticed sailors to crash on the rocks.

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