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A veteran faces a knife attack


He fought the enemy in Korea
And saw his buddies die;
He was wounded in battle,
Scarred in mind, soul and eye.

This man lived to tell the story,
That we at home should not forget;
He was one of many soldiers
Who remembers it all, even yet.

Locked away were the memories
That time alone could not erase;
He thinks often of his comrades
And sometimes sees their face.

To come back home and try to make
A difference in the way of life,
He worked to raise his children;
Supported by a loving wife.

The soul began to heal a bit,
As they live out their years;
The pain may sometime fade away,
Yet there are still unshed tears.

The eyes see a brighter future,
Peace finally seemed to shine;
A veteran who respects the flag,
Who fought for freedom - yours and mine!

Now I hear that he was threatened
By a "man" wielding a knife;
Who swore and wanted a fight
And had no respect for life.

It takes a stronger man to walk away,
From someone who is in your face;
He returned from the Korean War
To meet with this disgrace.

Could be the "man" had been drinking
Or might have just been mean as hell;
But he's lucky that the veteran
Didn't have his gun and shell.

He put away the weapons of war,
And vowed never again to kill -
He stands up for the good in life
And probably always will.

So the disgrace I write about
Is not that he didn't fight;
It's about the surly belligerence
Of the one who's not too bright!

A cage for animals that prey
On decent folks, and doesn't care
That this man fought for him, too;
On Christmas Hill, way over there.


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