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Beloved bids farewell to the lover called to the battlefield.

I knew you for but three months
That were eternity.
We were going to be one,
That was a certainty.

I would have been in your arms
Just after a month more.
But then your duty called you
To a far, distant shore.

That call is deeper than love’s;
Go, serve the motherland.
You have to do nobler things
Than caressing my hand.

Go, my soldier, go, good bye,
I’ll wait till you come back.
I may be far from you, but,
My love you will not lack.

Think of me and cool breeze will
Softly whisper to you
Carrying my love tidings
Across the oceans blue.

Go, my soldier, don’t look back,
Yours not to steal a glance.
May He be ever with you
In battle’s jungle dance.

Hasta luego, soldier,
His grace you may not lack.
He will protect you, sweetheart,
And bring you safely back!

* Written in abcb 7-6-7-6 format

* Awarded First Prize in "ANY and ALL WRITING CONTEST (item 709556), now invalid" and "The Language Fun Contest!, by Loraine Mer, (item1087650), now invalid"

M C Gupta
29 June 2003
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