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A woman laments about a man's world where women rights and feelings are trampled

Man can’t live without woman,
Yet denies her rights human.

He wants control over her,
Her life, her breath and whisper.

Though man is totally free,
Her freedom, does not like, he.

Woman he can maim or kill
Or, change her at his free will.

Sacrifices of woman
Are often ignored by man.

Man is born and fed by her,
Yet, she’s not equal partner.

Khalish, no longer, women,
Will bear injustice of men.

* Written in 7-7 format.

* Inequality and violence against women are rampant globally, more so in societies where female literacy is low. Among Muslims, the wife can be divorced merely by triple announcement of the word ‘talaq’ [I divorce you] by the husband. However, a Muslim woman has no right of divorce. Up to 4 wives are permissible in Islam. It is a common saying in some societies that a wife is like the shoe of a man, to be changed when it wears out or starts pinching.

M C Gupta
30 April 2003

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