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Chapter 19

Sara and Oliver spent almost every waking moment of that weekend together and Sara felt as if she was in a romantic whirlwind with the man of her dreams. Oliver had such an endearing way about him that she couldn't help feel at ease and relieved about feeling something for a real life man so quickly.

"After all, I've known him since September," she told herself. The most surprising thing was that he virtually showed up at her doorstep and she couldn't be more delighted. Unlike most of the men she met at the University of Virginia, Oliver didn't seem to have an arrogant bone in his body and she couldn't care less about what he did for a living because it was all part of what made him the man she was falling in love with.

Since he had a car they were able to explore the area together and it was as if they were both seeing it for the first time. They toured Thomas Jefferson's grand home, Monticello and did the Christmas tour of the grounds and the entire area around Charlottesville.

Simple, everyday things they did together seemed magical and somehow touched by the spirit of the holidays.

By the time Sunday afternoon rolled around, they were both completely smitten. Oliver was so happy, just being with her and he resolved to wait as long as need be for the physical part of their relationship to evolve. The mystical sensory memory of their kiss was never far from his thoughts - or from Sara's.

They spent that day, again, back in Washington, D.C. This time, Oliver drove into the city and they toured the plethora of art museums before heading up Connecticut Avenue to the National Zoo, where they enjoyed seeing all the animals, especially the panda bears. Oliver finished the afternoon by taking her to another romantic movie at the stately Uptown Theatre, followed by an early dinner in the same block at Ireland's Four Provinces, Oliver's favorite pub and restaurant.

Sara's eyes sparkled with delight as she took in the beautiful stained glass and the elaborate Christmas decorations all over the restaurant. They even played darts in the spacious backroom, and much to Oliver's chagrin, she beat him unmercifully, five out of seven, while his favorite Irish Christmas CD, The Bells of Dublin, played on the elaborate sound system resonating throughout the place.

"I love this music!" Sara sighed happily, echoing his thoughts.

"Me too," Oliver concurred. "On Friday and Saturday they have live bands, but I love this Irish Christmas stuff. They always play it over and over on the Sundays between Christmas and New Year's. That's why I wanted to bring you on a Sunday, Sara." At the last, he ducked his head shyly and grinned.

There was something so disarming about his shy mannerisms that more than once that weekend, Sara fought the urge to kiss him right then and there. His little nervous habits were already etched in her heart - the way he adjusted his glasses and grinned that lop-sided sexy grin drove her to distraction. She was still too timid to tell him so, but she wondered if there could be a sweeter more genuine man on the face of the earth than Oliver Kelly.

She doubted it.

What's more, she also wondered how she could have been so reluctant to even IM with someone so kind and wonderful. In retrospect, her caution seemed almost foolish.

Oliver sat there taking it all in as Sara sipped on her Irish coffee. He insisted she try it, but stuck with tea since he was driving the two hours back to Shannon. He was especially excited to take her the scenic way, over Key Bridge so she could see the lights of The Kennedy Center and the whole city at night, before they would head on Route 66 to 29 and back to Charlottesville, through the mountains.

He could tell by her expression that she enjoyed it and everything about their day and their whole weekend together and it make him incredibly happy. She looked so beautiful with her blonde hair flowing down on her green sweater. He couldn't help but notice the way her black jeans fit every curve of her body and Oliver stole glances at her every chance he could all day long. Somehow, she looked even more breathtaking against the backdrop of twinkling Christmas lights and stained glass at Four Provinces Restaurant.

"And don't you look like a gorgeous Christmas angel!" the middle-aged Irish waitress exclaimed to Sara as she handed Oliver the check.

He nodded, struck dumb for words to tell her how beautiful she looked, but the waitress wasn't through with them. She could tell they were a couple who needed a bit of a nudge.

Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a green sprig and handed it to Oliver, with a gleam in her eye.

"It's mistletoe. Hold it over your angel's head when you make your move," she instructed slyly, winking at Sara. "I give it to all me men. Works like a charm."

Blushing bright red, Oliver grinned back at her, then his eyes met Sara's.

"Thanks," he said softly. "I need all the help I can get."

Now it was Sara's turn to blush crimson, but she didn't look away. Their eyes met and locked for a long intense moment.

"So, if I want you to kiss me, what do I do, since you're the one with the mistletoe?" Sara teased.

Oliver swallowed and grinned back at her, feeling suddenly very warm all over.

"I'll let you borrow it any time you want.... how's that?"

Sara giggled. "Anytime? Anywhere?" She asked, gesturing at the crowded pub.

Oliver didn't hesitate to nod.

"Anytime. Day or night. Anywhere. If I'm not there call me and I will be. I'm your mistletoe man. At your service!"

They both giggled at that, letting the moment go, but the atmosphere was electric with the sexual attraction between them.

Continued in "Sara's Port, Ch. 20
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