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by Harry
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A thought-provoking storoem about good versus evil.
Today a goodly knight does sally forth to right a wrong.
So many evil deeds, such wicked ways all did report
as perpetrated in cruel, merciless fashion for too long.
To vanquish the evildoer, this knight is the last resort.

The neighboring duchy’s duke does dastardly deeds daily.
To end this terror, our knight – bedecked in gleaming armor,
astride his gallant steed – now rides to his fate quite gladly,
for he believes that good shall triumph over evil once more.

Thus cloaked in fairness, justice, and right, the virtuous knight
now challenges the evil duke to meet him in mortal combat.
A formidable foe is the duke, his blows filled with might,
but the sword of our knight deftly flashes and sings so that

the battle turns in favor of the knight. The duke’s in a fix,
with good triumphing over evil, just how it’s meant to be.
A stab in the back! Another…again…repeated times six,
the result of a vile ambush which our knight didn’t foresee.

He lies mortally wounded, his blood soaking into the ground.
A heavenly light fills his eyes. “Lord, I believed good would win.”
“An evil empire cannot be felled even by the best knight around
if he must fight alone.” “My quest was in vain, my life wasted then.”

The reply comes, “No, your actions this day were worthy because
they shall serve as a clarion call to inspire many other good men
to raise an army willing to risk their all fighting for this cause.
Good defeats evil, if enough good choose to oppose evil, only then.”

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/750253