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A poem about a Princess, lover and secret room..
Holding hands,
Running down the hallway.
Dark shadows lurk.
An eerie feeling that makes you shiver.

A portrait of a mean king-
hangs on the wall
now covered by cob webs,
The Princess and her lover are so in love.

A cracked mirror shows a beautiful young woman
and a handsome man with blue piercing eyes.
They walk on brittle floors by etched windows of dragons.
Faded memories of long ago.

The Princess and her lover find their magic room.
They open the door and are in a beautiful room.
Purple wing back chairs, red and
blue stained glass windows.

A stone hearth fireplace.
Etched glass windows of unicorns.
Blue velvet love seat at the foot-
of a big bed with a pretty lavender and purple blanket.

No one else knows this room in the castle exists,
A secret room for the Princess and her lover
who is her knight who recued her from her strict life
with the King and Queen.

They wish they could stay in this room forever
but they make the most of the time they have.
Someday, they will be together forever.
For now, their secret room is their own special Paradise.

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