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This poem is based onj a dream that i had.
The ending light?
White clouds?

What is the white screen in front of me?

Is it all in my head?
Is it all in my heart?

A figure
Two figures
A woman
A man
A child?

There moving closer
As in a gust of wind.

I hear laughter,
High pitched bells ringing in the air.

Curly golden locks
Little sailors dress, with a white collar.

She is still laughing,
She stops and walks over to me.

Her blue eyes shining into mine,
She holds my hand as she pulls me,
Pulls me towards the mist.

The other figure still standing,
Standing there watching, waiting.

I look down at the girl,
She squeezes my hand.
She knows I’m afraid,
Afraid of something I know nothing of.

I look at her again,
Closely, closely.
Its me…

Its me as a child the golden hair,
Those blue shining eyes.
She stops and points to the figure.

I feel myself, twisting
Whirling around.

I stand bewildered,
The figure,
A man.

He walks towards me,
His face, his hair
Those eyes.

Its my grandad,
I break down into tears,
That seem to be forever flowing.
I breathe him in,
The smell of cigarettes and old spice.

He holds me tight,
And whispers endearments.

He says I have to go now,
He turns away,
The little girl skipping and giggling.
He holds her hand,
And walks away in the distance,
With a simple wave.

I try to call out to him,
Nothing comes out.
I try to run after him,
But I cant move.

In my mind I am screaming,
Don’t go, don’t leave me again.

Stay, please stay.

The tears are still flowing,
My eyes burning,
As I stare into the white screen.
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