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A poem about September 11th.
Thousands of people lost their lives on that awful day.
For their families I pray.

It was a day that the country came together
And tried to blame Congress, the President, or another.

We blamed everyone under the sun that day.
When we should of been praying for a stop to this madness.

But what is the saddest thing is that the only time this country can stand as one is in the face of a tragedy.

Nobody ever asked who these people were.
They were mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters.

Some of them were employees in the Twin Towers, innocent children & bystanders, and some of New York's finest servicemen.

These victimized families were never asked if there was anything this country could do for them.

Sure the President and NYC Mayor offered them assistance.
But what did the rest of us do?

Most of us just continued on wih our daily lives.
We didn't even have the time to stop by a church and pray for the victims now lost.

Too Busy?
Was it because we really were too busy?
Or was it we just didn't pay attention that day because we weren't involved?

Do you ever imagine those family's grief?
I do every time I hear a child crying for their parents or when a parent loses a child to violence.
I hear it when I see a family torn apart by some circumstance.

I hear it because when I look at these people
I think of all the innocent people this country lost becaue of terrorism.

And if you haven't done so before,
Add these victims to your prayers.
Because it is going to take a long time for those families to heal.

In Memory of all who lost their lives on September 11th, 2001
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