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Bisenfrath Bath

Do you like to take a bath like a furry Bisenfrath?
Who could spend a day or two washing just his fuzzy "do"
He will wash just anywhere to clean his single curl of hair
Whether shallow or real deep into the water he will leap
No matter whether rain or shine he bathes himself all of the time
In the pond near Limelux Rocks he thinks this water is the tops
It's deep and green smooth and calm so wash wash wash 'til dirt is gone
Wash his horns and wash his fur all this scrubbing makes him purrr
Behind his ears and down his nose and the fur between his toes
Across his back and curly tail washing scrubbing very well
This is what he likes to do scrub until his curl turns blue
Then he has a little fun 'cause he knows his bathing's done
Kick and swim laugh and play he can do this all the day
Blowing bubbles from his snout all this fun makes him shout
And though the "Frath" must soon get out don't worry he won't cry or pout
But he smiles a big grin 'cause soon he'll get to wash again!!
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