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I dont really know what came upon writing this..
Give me a reason
To stay by your bed
Having sadness or anger
But to love you instead
To see you in pain
Causes so much grief
And I lie here with so much misery
Pain and disbelief
It may not be physical
But it sure as hell scars
How can you share with her
What I thought was ours?
She’s met our children
And drives your car
Do you know what you’ve done?
Is this who you are?
If you wake up today
Tomorrow, whenever
Ill tell you I love you
Do you love me though however?
I wont bring it up to you
It still feels to raw
To know that you cheated with her
To have seen what I saw
I’m glad your in hospital
For the accident was all her
I found out that you met her
And knew where you both were
Your weary eyes are opening
As you rest your sore, sore head
The nurses are coming in
As you sit up on your bed
The first words I hear from you
Í love you Jen I do’
I think about this letter
Then whisper, ‘I love you too’
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