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by Lean
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Pride: the necessity necessary for ingenuity, creating and developing.
If "necessity is the mother of invention"; then
may "vanity be the father of extravagance", thereby creating the "offspring" to:

generate change, and perfect the concept of the self-actualizing (ego), and the concrete environment, surrounding the self?

Conceptional "eggs"travagance...
The "father" may fertilize the "mother"-
to conceive the "offspring"
(being the product of progression/evolution),
which is united/developed by the principles/properties of:

(necessity/concrete practicality);

(extravagance; exceeding practical limits; and...

(imagination; fueled by
utilizing the concrete "what is/reality",
and originating/concieving "what could be";
through the necessity of invention, and the vanity/pride that is a quality/act of "egoism",
and self-expression.

"Egoism", which is: (1.) ~"the doctrine
that the goal of human conduct is the perfection of the ego or self".~

This goal may be the focus;
for the (proud- "father", and practical- "mother") self, to achieve/gain control of the environment, which is established with the fulfillment through (inspired) individual "creativity"/expression; free/unrestrained "fantasy", a need for
(being pragmatic/useful)
"reality"- and a desire for belonging.
(Belonging: established with the "pedestal of the ego"- dignity and identification).

The "egocentric" need/want, and the "altruistic/unselfish" devotion to the welfare of others, are the key "principles/properties" which
may be involved with:
the directions to the path of exploration, discovery, ingenuity,
and the development of perfecting
and protecting the environment,
(along with ourselves).

Through the need/necessity of the
"mother of invention", (the simple need to produce
and improve a tool/concept, in order to create a more effective, useful result;
with practicality in mind- to fulfill a need/necessity); along with the desire to being challenged, to exceed the practical limitations
(of our environment)-
by the "father of extravagance",
(fueled by pride/vanity;
also driven by the desires: pleasure, acceptence, identification, and connection);
along with the drive to protect
(our legacy)- we produce an original "child" in this "reality";
("child" being- anything we create/develop):
which is essential for change, and exceeding the limits of knowledge/"what we know", to the fantastic/boundless possibilities
of "what could be"- (progress/evolution)!

Reference (#1. page 226; col. 1, line 72): The New
International Webster's Student Dictionary of the
English Language (International Encyclopedic 1999 Edition); (ISBN 1-888777-08-7); Editor in Chief:
Sidney I. Landau

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