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The fool began a journey,wanting to be the star... And helpful Tarot Sites-to learn more!

     Tarot One

The Fool began a journey,

wanting to be the Star.

Sometimes wandered as the Hermit.

In time, felt the ten of swords Piercing.

Judgment decreed

the Sun to follow.

Three of cups held high.

The Empress did rule,

the Knight of pentacles,

rushing by.

The Magician held ten coins,

along with the ace of wands.

The World was new,

And The Fool returned again.

The hermit came back from the world, tired and


While the wheel of fortune spun in the mist,

illuminated by the moons shining light, which

danced off the sun.

The fool was pondering the paths up ahead. A

fork in the road, one way leading to dread.

Beyond the hanged man, another road went through

a narrow pass, near the two of wands to a better


Prosperous under the ten of coins, beneath the

star. The queen of swords cut to chase and said

to the fool "another endless journey, eternal

child, do say what you know. Give us hope to be

open to knowledge, for Innocence is taking

a chance to grow".

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I have been doing Tarot readings for many years.The poem just came to me one day.
Here are some very good links where you can learn more for free!

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http://byzant.com Tarot,Kabbala,Encyclopedia of Biography and Quotations and more!
A new site,I found this week.Very good,so far! (4-18-07)
Another helpful site with basic info & a free course.
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