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by Archie
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Letter supportive of President Bush's Space Program Announcement
Mr. President:

Thank you so much for your recent decisions pertaining to the expansion of our space program, particularly as related to setting up a Moon Base and future exploration of Mars.

Many of your critics on the issue of space exploration seem to forget the many, many things we use and enjoy today are as the result of past and on-going space exploration. Everything from medicine and physiology, ecology, communication, optics, nutrition, behavior, plastics, metallurgy, psychology, genetics and geriatrics to international relations and industrial development have benefited from our space programs. To aggressively pursue the programs you envisioned will provide, I am certain, virtually limitless opportunities for further advancement in the fields I have mentioned above as well as many more. Vistas we have not yet imagined will be open to us.

The exploration of space will also prime our economy, providing more manufacturing opportunities and more openings for those who want to work. It will spur education to fill future positions in science, technology, medicine and many other fields related to the exploration of our solar system.

The spirit of exploration, which I had feared was dying in our great nation, has the exciting opportunity to become revitalized under your leadership, Mr. President. Not only will the people of our nation benefit, but all mankind will benefit from our further and continuing reaches to the Moon and to our neighbors in the solar system.

You have, Mr. President, rekindled the flame lit by President Kennedy, and I am grateful for that, and I look forward to watching us send people to the Moon and to Mars. You have planted that seed, sir; please nourish it and let it grow.

Very Respectfully,

Archie R. Whitehill

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