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by Archie
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Lets look at criminals for Christ.
Divine, Sublime, a Crime?

Where to from here, Oh God of our Imaginations?

You choose your leaders from the drek of society.

They claim to represent you, Oh God of the Universe.

Yet, they represent only themselves. What to do?

Will you smite them?

Will you fight them?

Will you silence them?

How are we to cope with the charlatans of religions,

The charlatans who lead us through the valley of death,

As we fear no evil?

Yet we are led by evil in the form of men claiming God:

Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, The Pope, and by profane clowns,

Clowns such as Robert Tilton, Kenneth Copeland, and Ernest Angley

To name a few who profane the word of God as they profane humankind.

Will God forgive them for leading us into temptation?

Will God forgive us for following them into temptation?

Is there a God to forgive either them or us?

Who knows?

Stop the Charlatans anyway.
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