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The first 12 roses I ever got from my true love.
Tonight as I lay in bed trying to sleep, I look over and at the foot of my bed on a shelf is a blue vase of 12 perfect long-stemmed red roses. As I lay looking at them I cannot help but feel blessed for the love I have in my life. I know roses do not mean much to some anymore, but to me they are a window to my past. This part of my past I cherish. I look at the flowers and I know in my heart of hearts it is not the last time I will ever get them from now on. I also know that I will get to share my past with my new love. That vase of roses has a red ribbon on it that I took off the box they came in. I will be keeping the ribbon. The flowers will die but the love behind them will never die. I plan on seeing to that. I needed to share the love I feel from the roses. Sharing that love is what makes our love so special because we are not scared to say we love each other to the world and show others their love can be this true if they are not scared to take the dive to love. P.S. I LOVE YOU, JIM.
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