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by Jazzie
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blindfold, God's voice, coming out of darkness
-Why am I feeling like this?
-I feel like I'm in a tunnel and I can't find the
way out.
-The darkness overcomes me. But why does it take
me so long to see the exit is so close to me.
-But the blindfold over my eyes, it's just so
confusing and I can't get rid of it.
-All I need to do is rip it off,
-But this feeling, I just hate it.
-I just don't know what to do, please help me.
-I want to get out. I want to see the light again.
-But everything is so dark in here.
-I know this is crazy. I shouldn't feel like this.
-(I hear a voice from somewhere out of nowhere.)
-"It's so easy, just reach out, go forward. The
way is right there. Can you see it? Oh wait! The
blindfold, take it off. Just take it off. Then
you will see the light. Don't give up, you are
so close. Give me your hand, take a step
-"Trust me, I will show you the way."
-That's it! That's what I should do.
-I can feel it now.
-I trust you, I believe in you.
-I can see the light.

-By Sandra Vargas
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