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The well known tale but in a modern day scenario
Every school day was alike to the next. The worries, the tests, exams, whatever came up was just like the day before’s. Daniel also had the fear of going to school. Big thugs liked to bully him. Taunt him about his size (of only 5’4), tease him about his hair and clothes, beat him for being different. Oh yes, today was like any other for him.

As he stepped outside the house and hopped on his bicycle, he sighed. He could not give the bullies ten pounds. He did not have that kind of money. They would lay into him, like every other day. He was early to school, as usual, and as usual they came around the corner but they were early. Not giving him time to chain his bicycle to the rack!

“You got the money, Geek boy?” One sneered.

As usual he shook his head. The gang sneered at him. Laughing, mocking him for what they thought was foolishness, and as always, a beating resulted in it. They kicked him to the ground, stole his lunch and his bike then left him, arm plainly broken, to lie in the dirt of the playground.

Daniel could feel hot tears running down his cheeks. He moaned for help, but no one came. He could not move. He wanted so much for this to be a dream but it was not. He could feel the pain. Pain did not exist in dreams. Footsteps. Bump, bump, bump. The sound was coming closer! At last he was saved! A teacher was in his line of sight. He called out but the teacher only looked at him before entering the school.

These kids aren’t anything to do with me. If they want to fight they can leave me out of it. Until the bells goes at least!

The teacher thought. Not even looking twice at Daniel. Daniel moaned a little but still was too sore to move.

Then the sound of heels on the concrete path filled his ears. The Head Girl was walking on the path to the main entrance. He called out to her but she just tossed her auburn curls and continued into the school. Not even glancing at Daniel, who was now just wanting to go home.

Some snotty nose kid don’t mean a thing to me. I mean, school, like, hasn’t even started yet.

The girl was thinking and disappeared inside to the warmth of the hall. Daniel had all but given up on hep by now. More tears coursed down his bruised face. This was the worst day ever. Not like every other day at all, at least on the average day they only gave him a bleeding nose.

Footsteps. Near by. Pad. Pad. Pad. Soft soled. Swift walker. But this time Daniel did not even bother to call out. He just closed his eyes and prayed. A warm hand lifted his face from the dirt. An Asian boy, bullied because of his skin was looking down at him with concern.

“Don’t worry.” He said softly, “I’ll help you now.”

The boy did. Disregarding their differences, unlike every one else did for him. He helped Daniel to his feet, letting the battered boy lean on him for support and quickly took Daniel to the nurse. As they passed through the corridors people taunted the Asian boy, Daniel glared at one or two but could do very little else. When they arrived the nurse told them Daniel would have to go to hospital because of his arm. The Asian boy gave his lunch money to the nurse to pay for the call. Daniel knew then, that this was what friendship and kindness truly was.
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