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it was out of love. it was out of sorrow.
she kicked the shoes off of her feet and leaned against the door. cringing at her own impotence.

"how could she? i just don't understand...she was such a good gurl." the words hushed thru her ears. running in and out of her head so quickly it was like water.

"how could i?" she asked, bracing her back against the door harder, "how could i??" she yelled louder, throwing herself from the door.

breathing heavy she scanned the area around her and started grabbing the things that she would need. where to go, what to say. did everyone kno? did anyone kno?

her head was screaming at her, crying hysterically on the inside. but then she laughed, softly at first but gradually getting louder. soon she was laughing so hard that her tears were the result of laughter as opposed to confusion. she laughed so loud that it echoed thru the now empty house. she laughed until she crumpled into a ball on her bedroom floor, a few articles of clothing wedged between tightened fingers and a harsh grip.

she started to cry again, amist her manic laughter, as she thought back to the incidence that had happened simply moments before.

SHE wasn't the one to blame, she knew so. she knew that once everyone saw things her way that she wouldn't have to run and hide. crawling into the depths of shadows, emerging a butterfly, a martar even. saving the ones you love is always viewed upon as a beautiful, romatic thing.

she clenched her jaw and her fists followed as she thought back to the previous nite.

it had been dark, the moon barely broke through the clutter of unsettled clouds that danced across the sky.

fog had crept it's way into the the depths of the forest quickly and took them over almost immediately.

she had been walking to her gurlfriends house when she passed an ally that reminded her of pure sorrow. it was desolate and appeared to be entirely forgotten by everyone and everything. garbage cluttered the empty passage and practically screamed her name for some unknown reason. the path was a shortcut, but a questionable passage at that. violonce occured in this allyway numerous times, but for once she wasn't afraid. something egged her on and whispered the idea rapidly into her ear until she was convinced that now was her moment, and that her walking thru the empty ally proved that someone could love it.

she began to walk down the passage, with her first step she felt the crunch of broken glass and swiftly proceeded thru. she could sense something wasn't right as she ended the passage and started muttering to herself...words she didn't even recognize. something was wrong, different, she could feel it. she just, couldn't do anything about it.

once on the other side, she gazed upon a looming house. dark and just as desolate as the empty ally. she pushed her way across the street and onto the dew-tipped grass.

she heard a scream, almost a moan and looked up immediately, scanning the empty windows in the house. one single light wafted thru the the air catching her attention and her head snapped to it. she refocased and saw two images wrestling around behind closed curtains. two shadows.

no one was supposed to be home, not yet anyway. she walked to the front door and grabbed the nob. locked. it hadn't ever been locked before. she crept around the back searching for an alternative entry. success! the back door swung open creaking only slightly.

as she crept thru the dark house, she felt an unnatural energy flow thru her body. she started walking faster searching for the one light she had seen thru the window.

finally she stood before a door. light poured out from under it and soft moans, short screams emptied from behind the door. she grabbed the nob and threw the door open.

her eyes squinted and she glared at the images she saw before you.

"whore," she screeched, staring at her gurlfriend being fucked by some random male. she grabbed a bottle from the counter top and threw it at the males head, he crumpled to the floor. she could almost feel the tension release as he struggled to breathe. she kicked him, turning him over, and stepped on his throat staring into his eyes. she felt a crunch and eventually saw his eyes fall into an empty gaze.

blood seeped into the floorboards, but she stared at her new target. she licked some of the blood off of her hand and snarled at the gurl screaming, curled up in blankets now.

"i didn't mean to!" the nekid gurl screamed, "i'm sorry!" she didn't care, she was empty, desolate like the allyway. she lifted a trophy from whatever stupid sport her gurlfriend had played and swiftly marched toward the gurl on the bed. the image goes dark, and everything gets all fuzzy.

it was all she could remember. it's ok, she told herself, everything will be fine. everything IS fine.

"wake up sleepy-head" she smiled, grabbing her gurlfriends hand, it's time to leave.

she lightly taps the gurl on her shoulder and smiles. alrite then if you want to sleep, i'll carry you. she picks up the body and carries it out to her car, tossing it in the back seat. she runs back inside and grabs her suitcase, stepping over a large male coiled up on the floor, dead.

she smiles to herself, as she imagines the new house. as she approaches her car she throws the bags in the trunk and climbs into the driver's seat. starts the car and turns on the radio. she starts singing, "come on val, it's your favorite song" she says as she peers thru the rearview mirror at the back seat. "you look so beautiful today, what did you do differently?"

she pulls out and drives off. "we needed to leave anyway." she whispered. "you understand." silence echoed into the car aside from the music playing on the radio.

she couldn't take it. as she slammed on the brakes she started screaming "STOP IT! STOP, stop screaming. dead gurls can't cry, dead gurls can't cry! i love you, we're going to be together forever. you're not missing anything. he could never love you, he never loved you. but i do, i do love you! we're going to be happy now. you'll see, i'm going to make it up to you. i promise." she calmed herself and smiled looked into the back seat. "see, everything will be fine," she grinned "you kno that i wouldn't ever hurt you, not like he would anyway. you're mine now. forever."

the car sped up, faster and faster. 80, 90, 100...faster. the light brightened and she smiled staring forward stiffly. "i love you" she whispered "...i love you."


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