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by Sarah
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Story of a young bisexual girl who self mutialtes not Finished yet Plz rate
The tears ran down her face soaking the keyboard and desk. Staring at the screen she choked back quiet sobs. This cant be happening Megan,Her girlfriend of 2 months, just broke up with her. She resisted the urge to grab something sharp and run to her room,instead she grabbed the phone, and dialed the familar number quickly. The number was busy. So she quickly hung up the phone and Walked into her bedroom she took the razor out from under her pillow with no intentions of killing herself just wanting enough physical pain to overpower the emotional.As she sat down on the floor she grabbed her knees and rocked slightly, finally the moment she had anticipated for months, since she stopped, had come. She held out her wrist and slowly ever so precisly slid the knife across her wrist many times until she could see the blood. She loved it ,everything about it the taste ,the smell ,the color ,everything. She moved her wrist to her mouth and sucked until there was no more blood left. She laid down on the floor and just laid there until she heard the phone ring. She jumped up grabing her sweatshirt she ran out of the room. As the phone rang for the third time she glanced at the caller id and realized that it was her.

"What do you want?" Casey in her most angry voice trying to hide that she had been crying.
" I just wanted to let you know you deserve better" megan said.
"no i dont You helped me" she screamed" I didnt cut myself the whole time we were going out, I stopped drinking drugs and became a better person ,all thanks to you.
"i know but we never see each other and, I think i am in love with Saida."
"o great Tossed out like yesterdays garbage she relied. "you said you loved me"
"i do"
"whatever i hafta go" and hung up the phone.

Thew ca r pulled into the driveway she loved seeing Samm and Jenns faces light up as she walked toward the car. Auntie Sarah Auntie Sarah she could hear them yelling. She tried to drown out as there mom explained how they got dirty from school how long ago they ate when lacy would pick them up and if she would watch them tommorrow.
"of Course well have a nice night" She replied in her sweetest voice"
She Took the girls inside and put there swimsuits on.
"lets Go outside"
"ok they said Can we play sprinkles?"
"of course you can"
she took them outside they played for half and hour until Lacy came She put there clothes back on and shoes ok bye Lacy i'll see you in the morning.

She had half an hour until her sisters came home she sat down to start on a school assignment describe your self in 50 words or less. my name is Casey Hoover my best friend is Jess Richards. I have long brown hair big Brown eyes i am average hieght. I enjoy school , Babysitting and surfing the net and hanging out with friends. She thought ya thats about it I guess. She recopied 3 times until it satified her and she placed it carefully into her back pack and went to get dinner started.

Later that night she slowly undressed and got into the shower she started to shave her legs but this made her think of alie, how alie made her stop cutting made the pain stop and gave her something to live for. She needed to do it again this time She used the razor and cut Her leg making blood come quickly She didnt lick it this time just cried.

When she got out she heard that Jessica had called and i quickly grabbed the phone can you come over now she said? ok lemme ask.
"MOM CAN I GO TO JESSICAS?" she yelled

I'll meet ya halfway She said into the phone.
"k Bye"

When Casey finally saw jess the did a high five as she put her arm up Jess saw the cut on her arm. Jess grabbed casey's arm
"What is this?" She said angerly "You said you wouldnt do this anymore."
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