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by Dave
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A restless night

It is three in the morning and everything is alive. I don't seem to be in pain. In fact, I feel fine. But at the same time everything is in a restless state. I keep tossing and turning. My feet won't seem to stay still. I am too hot, too cold, too everything, all at the same time. I think the biggest problem is the brain food digested from the previous day. I don't think I've had a day with such a wide spectrum of emotions. There were things I needed to say and yet I didn't, as well as a few things I said that I shouldn't have. There were actions I would like to have taken and dared not. It was a day with joy, humor, anger, pity and sorrow all tossed in to the pot. After only a few hours of sleep it has all come to a boil in a potpourri of thoughts.

I'm not quite sure of what it will take to clear the slate. A fresh brew of coffee should help. It has in the past. Not this time as even the thought of it seems to turn bitter in my mind. A few lungs full of the fresh mountain air still moisture laden from last nights rain seem to clear a few of the tangle of thoughts. Finally, the first hint of a lightening sky and the promise of a new day brings the ultimate remedy. On second thought a fresh pot of coffee won't hurt either.
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