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by Septen
Rated: 13+ · Appendix · Action/Adventure · #870504
The full story of the +500 years of Septen Dragon the II
Main Charaters...

Name:Septen Dragon the second (AKA Septen)
Date of birth: 6/25/1235
Race: Human-Dragon
Powers: Shockwave,Dao-chi blade, night vision, Dragon transformations, Black soul dragon.
Living family: Planton (father), Raizan (AKA: Septen Dragon III) (Brother), Marie (former wife)

Name: Marie Dragon (AKA Marie the blacksmith)
Date of birth: 2/13/1237
Race: Human-Dragon
Powers: pyrokinestics, Dragon transformations
Living family: Septen Dragon (former husband), Raizan (brother-in-law), Planton (father-in-law-)

Name: Commander Kalvo (AKA leader of Federation)
Date of birth: 4/1/1672
Race: Human
Powers: None
Living family: unknown

Name: Planton
Date of birth: 2/29/1004
Race: Dragon
Powers: invulnerable, god-like power
Living family: Septen (son), Raizan (son), Marie (daughter-in-law)

The story so far...

He sat at the fire place of The Red Dove Inn and stared into it. Raizan had asked him about his past he knew many people would listen in....Shannon, Kei, Eiko none of then knew his true past. "Alright....let's go back ovr my life....I trend to go into deep detail so....bear with me people..." He took a deep breath and began.

"I was born on June 25, 1235. I don't know my mother's name but my father's name was Planton...."

"Planton look...he looks just like his great great grandfather. Maybe we should name him Septen the II?" Septen's mother smiled, and looked to him as he lay in her arms. "Yeah sure...name him as you please...." was the reply Planton gave to this idea. "I don't really care what you name that thing...just keep it away from me..." Septen's mother had transformed into a dragon to give birth to him....so naturally he was also a dragon during these first few moments of life. "Ok fine...I'll name him Septen Dragon the second..." Planton snorted and said "I'm calling him a real man's name....like...Zaphel...that's a real name!" His mother sighed and just rocked the baby Septen in her arms. A bright sliver Dragon, Septen was. His's clawed were sharp and deadly even at that age. The wings of which he carried had sliver bone and spikes running along them and between the gray colored skin. "I don't see why you would want to name him after that dragon of a grandfather. He's worthless and the federation will hunt him faster if he has a famous name" Planton took another drink of his drink and tossed the bottle at Septen's infant body. The bottle hit and broke on one of Septen's talions, "cursed child." With that the dunken Planton walked outside. "It's ok Septen..." His mother smiled. "I'll make sure you grow to be a real man...unlike your father...."

Septen looked around he still had their attention as he spoke. "So...a few days later...was when..."

His sister sat him down at the lake. "Here Septen....you're a hydra...why don't you play in the water?" She smiled as Septen swam around but the smile faded quickly. "Septen..." the sister layed him in the basket and kissed his head then wispered to him, "Be a real man when you grow up...and never harm women...do it...for me.." She ran from his side and never came back.

"Over the the couse of 20 or so years I learned how to survive...a family of Griffions took me in...then while I was a human I met who I thought was the prettiest girl I'd ever seen..."

It was 20 years from when Septen was abanoned in the woods, he had been wandering around the forest and the city of Tyris when he saw her. "Errr..." He bowed and looked to her, "hello ma'am I'm Commander Septen Dragon II but some call me Zaphel...I'm pleased to meet you."

The lady in front of him looked shocked, "a federation soldier...talking to me?" she thought but replied. "I'm Marie...the black smith...what can I do you for?" The dagger under her cloak was soon in her hand as she waited. Marie did not need a reason to kill a soldier...she just enjoyed it, but could she kill this one? He seemed, different.

Septen smiled to her "I saw you...and I like what I see...so I came over here to talk to you..." Septen smiled as he saw her grab the dagger. "hmmm...your a fighter...that..." He never finished as the dagger came at his head. The two swords he carried were out in a blink but broke quickly on this dagger and she held it to his neck.
"What did you say?"
"I like what I see...you're pretty..."
"Or really...and why shouldn't I kill you?"
"Because I'll kill you first.."
Septen smiled and nodded to the dagger he held to her neck and put it away. "It would not be right for me to kill you...I have no need, but I am curious...how did you break both my swords, and with a dagger none the less?" Marie smiled to him and put her dagger away also and wispered to him "come with me..."

She pulled him buy the ear down some back alley-ways and into the woods. Her work shop seemed to just appear around them. "I'm a black smith...I live to make the strongest weapons. Septen looked around this was amazing. "I'm also a dragon...so...I'm smarter then you humans..." Septen spun around his daggers out. "In the name of the..." he never finished as she bit him. A feeling of love and warmth spred through him. He really couldn't fight back because along with the feeling. He discovered he was paralyzed. "Looks like...you're a dragon also...if you can stand after this..." Septen slowly feel to his knees as the feeling got stronger. "So...you...you...you...feel love for me?" Septen passed out. "Love? I'm not sure about love...but it's somthing...you're not like the other soldiers..." Marie walked to her work bench and began to work. "If you wake up from that...then we'll talk..."

Septen woke up feeling light headed and groggy. The effect still not gone for the bite. "You. Bit. Me..." He stood up swaying baddly and looked around. "How did you do that? Was it dragon magic?" Her reply was simple and quick "yes...yes it was." The warriors body wouldn't repond to his brain as he stood. "But...why did you bite me...I can tell you're stronger than you look..." He choughed and looked at her "I want you to teach me...to use my dragon magic..."

"So it began 35 long hard years or work for Marie I still worked for the federation but mostly with Marie." Septen tossed his head back soon came the hardest part of the story to tell. "Well here's where things get bad. You see Commander Kalvo's daughter liked me, but I liked Marie...A little while before I got with Alexandra me and Marie got married. I didn't know it but I left Marie with a child. She gave him my middle name...My son is Zaphel Dragon...." This finally statement left the room quite. His brother just stared blankly at him, but Septen went on. "Well...as you all know....Alexandra killed our kids....after that...things are hazy...I'm not sure what happened, but I know it was hell, one of these days I'll finish my tale." The one known as Septen Dragon the II stood up to his full 6 foot 3height and simply said, " We have a wedding to prepare for, and Eiko my love we also have plans of our own to work out"

The Wedding soon began....Septen walked out in all black armor. Each peice seemed to eat and reflect light all at once. On his back he wore a long Halberd/spear weapon. On his waist were four Kantana style sword despite the fact he was in london. He stood and waited at the alter or his bride.
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