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by Harry
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A storoem about death bed regret.
The man lies dying in his hospital bed.
He is delirious, talking out of his head.
His whole life is replaying before his eyes.
Down to stand beside him an angel flies.

“You are now being judged on the life you led.”
“I was successful in business, it must be said.”
“Money amassed is a poor measure of any man.
Wealth cannot reveal what your life’s loves can.

Your treatment of family and fellow man tells all.”
The man is beset with grief, knowing his downfall.
“I had many business associates.” “But nary a true friend.”
“I loved my wife.” “You cheated on her again and again.”

“I provided well for my children, you must admit.”
“You gave them money; of your time, you never saw fit.
Your children and you remain distant and unfeeling.”
The truth of the emptiness of his life sends him reeling.

“I see where I strayed. I need time to make amends.
I‘ll love my family and make treasured friends.
I’ll be the doting husband my wife always deserved.
The needs of my family and friends will be served.

“Selfishness I’d discard. Inside me there’d only be good.
I’d act with love and kindness, helping anyone that I could,
if I had more time. I’ll be a better man! I’m not ready to die yet.”
“Too late the light! Death’s at hand. Bring your burden of regret.”

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