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by liza83
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the power of guilt
I had it once – that light divine
So bright and pure, my soul did shine
With each day that passed, the light grew dimmer
Twenty-one years later there’s barely a glimmer

A good person – I am, though that’s not what I seek
Perfection’s my goal, but havoc it wreaks
Because it is something I’ll never attain
I’m always let down again and again
Consumed by guilt from mistakes of the past
I wonder how long this torment will last
Feeling unworthy of anyone’s love
From family and friends, to my Father above
Squelching my spirit, engulfing my thoughts
Making me tired of this battle long fought

The answer is simple – staring me in the face
The way to find joy in this mortal place
Forgiving myself of all that I did
Accepting my faults that for years I hid
Just trying my best to do what is right
And then someday regaining that heavenly light
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