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Red rabbit's curiosity gets him in trouble...
Red Rabbit Romping

Red rabbit romping, romped right through Dinkerville
where he spied Brad BinkdaDink standing very still.
What was this boy doing? What did this boy see?
Curiosity had hold of him so he giggled with such glee!

Then red rabbit raced, raced right up close to him
and asked, "What are you doing?" as he thumped his shin.
But Brad BinkdaDink uttered not a word
as though he was alone, as if he hadn't heard.

Red rabbit really, really had to know
before he hopped away, before he had to go!
"Please tell me, little Dink, what is it that you see?
Whisper in my fluffy ear...surely you'll tell me!"

Red rabbit rolled, rolled right upon his back,
anything to make Brad look to see where he was at.
He couldn't stand not knowing, he couldn't stand to wait;
Surely it was wonderful and surely it was great!

Red rabbit wriggled, wriggled under Brad,
"Please tell me, little Dink, I need to know real bad!"
But Brad BinkdaDink only gave a smile
and gazed at red rabbit for what seemed like quite awhile.

Red rabbit rambled, rambled and could not stop.
He had to know! He had to know or else he would just pop!
Curiosity had hold of him; why would the boy not speak?
What was for a few seconds...seemed like a long, long week!

Then red rabbit realized, realized with a big start
that he hadn't paid attention, no, he hadn't been too smart.
For the Dink now quickly caught him and hugged him very tight
which scared the little rabbit and made him try to fight.

Red rabbit ruefully, ruefully did learn
that his curiosity had caused this frightful turn.
But Brad BinkdaDink was not a naughty Dink
and hugged red rabbit once again with a playful wink.

"Little red rabbit you were romping with such glee
that...I had to trick you to make you come to me
so I could hold you close and pet your soft, soft fur
but don't worry, I won't harm you...of that you can be sure."

Red rabbit relished, relished what Brad confessed
because he had feared the Dink (of this he must profess).
So now he was released to be sent upon his way
but promised little Brad that he would see him the next day.

Red rabbit realized, realized this scary lesson
but it was with Brad BinkdaDink which was a great big blessin'!
Curiosity may have hurt him; his curiosity was so great!
Bet now Your curiosity might just make You wait!!

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