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The love between the ocean and moon or a man and woman....
Eternal Lovers

Hearken to the winsome loving melody
of she who gently ebbs and flows,
as lover waxes great and large
embracing with sweet, soft glowing beams.

Bedeck, thou, upon yonder sweet,
gifts of sparkling moonlit pearls
and she the maiden without form,
may full dance then with acclaimed splendor.

Lover he caress the salty softness
that vast expands beneath thee...
that which harbors the deepest soul
and with thoughtful fingers indulges man.

For it is she your one soul lover
who thrills upon your silent touch
and swells with blushing virgin bliss,
unmindful and full sore wanton.

So as yonder glowing orb rises jealous
to disturb such peaceful courtship,
then shall you lovers join in secret passion
as cloak of night sends farewell kisses!
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