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Petition Preparer for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy before new Bankruptcy Laws, Oct.17, 2005

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition Preparer

(Authors note:I have been told that I need to explain what this is about. It is about a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition Preparer. This is someone who puts a person's financle life into a petition in such a way that the Truste understands and is vital in his decision to discharge a persons debts or not. I refer to this as, Spin A Tale Of Financial Woe. I also have Hep C)

Come on Sandy, it's time to get up, you are needed to spin a tale of financial woe. Even though you don't feel very well and you would rather just stay in bed, there is some one who needs you to spin for them a tale of financial woe.

You manage to get out of bed, shower and dress, trying to look your best. With a smile on your face, maybe no one will notice how bad you feel today, while you spin another tale of financial woe.

So many people bringing you some money and all their trust, needing you to spin for them a tale of financial woe.

The father who just went back to work, being threatened with money to be taken from his paycheck Then he will not be able to pay the rent which keeps a roof over his family's head. I can see the desperation in his eyes as he asks if for him, I would spin a tale of financial woe.

A widow, raising two young children alone, no longer able to pay the bills now that her husband is gone. She tells me this story with a tear in her eye, needing me to spin for her a tale of financial woe.

An older gentleman told he does not have long to live. Not wishing to leave his debts as a financial burden to his children, he ask me, "would you kindly spin for me a tale of financial woe?" "Can you do this in a hurry, while I am still alive?"

I spin for them, their tales of financial woe. Working late into the night, sometimes well past three. I must finish the spin of each tale and make sure I spun it correctly. These people are depending on me and I will not let them down.

After all the spinning of a tale has been done, and I have worked my magic with words. These people thank me, and then turn to walk away. I am left wondering what will happen to them. Will they be ok?

Then I get a phone call from someone who is so excited because my spin of their tale of financial woe has done what it was suppose to do. Repeated thank you for all that I have done and I suddenly realize why I work so hard to spin a person's tale of financial woe.

It is for the father who works hard and wants to keep a roof over his family's head. It is for the widow struggling to raise her two children alone. And the older gentleman who does not have long to live, wishing to not leave his children burdened with his debts.

It is for all of them, what ever their story may be, that I spin for each of them a tale of financial woe.

before October 17, 2005
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