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This is written for all dog lovers
A dog knows no languages,
Yet understands them all.
He's always willing to obey you,
And be at your beck and call.

He asks for nothing in return,
Except your loving care.
He'll be there when you're sick or well
With plenty of love to spare.

He'll love to walk around with you,
Exploring as he goes,
Every nook and cranny that he sees,
Is fair game for his nose.

He's patient when you go to work,
Awaiting your return.
And when he sees you coming home,
For your caress he yearns.

His tail a wagging, eyes so bright,
He jumps around with glee.
He's so happy to be with you
It's so obvious to see.

And when at night the day is done,
A sleep you'll find him near,
A wonderful pal for anyone,
Who'll give you love and cheer.
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