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This is the start of a book which I dreamt about. Sort of Hardy Boyish. Please review.
Whoosh! That was the steady noise of Tommy Tarplin. As he and his older brother, Matt, went zooming down an aisle in the Mall on roller blades.

Their adult cop friend, Jim Rogers, was in his Catching Crooks By The Air Machine. Otherwise known as C.C.B.T.A.M. It had eight wheels altogether and the driver seat was on the back, a big cage was the middle and a smaller cage was like a crane that was the back, that was really the front.

Tommy and Matt were catching up on Gordon Bofferman and his gang of roller blade thieves. Jim Rogers and his contraption came screeching behind two of the gang and the thugs were right in front of the cage. They accidentally stumbled into the large cage and got knocked into the back, unconscious. A cage door separated them from the rest of the machine, trapping them within the cage.

Two other gang members were nervous and continued going faster as they saw Tommy and Matt gradually come behind them. Looking back, the two thugs saw the brothers had stopped. Laughing, the two miscreants turned back around, not noticing until it was too late. BANG! They toppled over a bench and fell over. The two thugs got up and turned around, just as Tommy and Matt zoomed past them, an arm each out and connecting with the heads of the two thugs.

Laughing, Matt stated, "Two down, lots more to go!"

Tommy high-fived his brother and they separated, looking for easy targets. Tommy skated ahead and saw one of the gang members. Tommy slid down as far as he could go, tying the goon's roller blade laces together. Standing upright, Tommy swerved past the hockey stick wielding goon and poked his tongue out at the thug in mockery. The thug was furious at this and made his skates move faster so he could beat the shit out of the ten-year-old kid. But, the goon didn't know his roller blade laces were tied together, so he fell over and smashed into a potted plant.

Matt was ahead of his younger brother, Tommy, and skated past "Skid”, Gordon Bofferman's best friend. Matt grabbed a net and fishing rod from the display outside the sporting goods store as he zoomed past it and hooked the net to the end of the fishing line. Coming upon two thugs, Matt flung the net over them and then threw the fishing rod away, which got caught within a basketball hoop. As the hooligans were skating, the line jerked and reeled them in, hanging above the floor trapped within the net. Two thugs skated up and stopped as they saw Matt with a hockey stick and soccer balls lined up. Before they knew it, Matt swung the hockey stick twice and two soccer balls hit their mark, right upon the heads of the now unconscious thugs. Right then, Matt saw a girl he knew from school called Melena holding a coke in her hands and skated over to her, stopping in front of her and put on his best, charming smile as he started talking to her.
Meanwhile, Tommy saw "Skid" with his hockey stick, coming right towards Matt.

"Matt!" cried out Tommy.

Matt heard his brother's shout and turned around. Seeing "Skid" coming Matt grabbed Melena’s coke, let it spread across the shiny floor.
"Skid" saw the coke, but couldn't stop, for his skid mark was upon the coke trail that he slipped and skidded right into a tyre store.

"So, that's why they call him "Skid"," stated Matt, as he joined Tommy to catch up to Gordon Bofferman.

"You'll never get me!" yelled Bofferman, laughing.
Then, he turned around, giving Tommy and Matt the "rude finger”. Still laughing, Bofferman turned back and noticed he was about to hit an elastic tree.

"Oh, shit!!" shouted Bofferman, as he bumped into the tree and was flung back through the air, right into the small cage of Jim's machine. The small cage door clanged shut over Bofferman's scowling face.

"There was no room for you in the big cage, so there you go," said Jim to Booferman's scowl.

This was true, for the big cage was full with Booferman's gang, even "Skid" was in there.

"Picked them up when you two were ahead," explained Jim to Tommy and Matt, a smile upon his face.

The Manager of the Mall and the Chief Of Police were happy with the result.

"I'm sorry about the mess..." stated Tommy, until the manager interrupted him.

"Think nothing of it, boys!" stated the Mall Manager.

"What will happen to Booferman?" asked Matt, to the Chief of Police, Sue Penniswicks.

"Well, he's around eighteen. So, I reckon two months cleaning duty might do it," Sue replied, officially.

"What for?" asked Booferman.

"Destroying public property, child abuse and worst of all...roller blading without a license," she stated seriously.

Tommy and Matt chuckled to themselves at the look on Eric Booferman's face. Suddenly, their attention was drawn away to four 13 year olds who saw them looking at them. They had a two-person skateboard, a scooter and a normal skateboard.

"Well, well, well. Looks like we got us some younger gang members to catch," stated Matt, as the four boys strapped on their helmets and start to cruise away.

Tommy and Matt skated after them, Tommy overtaking Matt as Matt picked up some rope from a Cowboy Stall he was passing. He lassoed the two on the two-person skateboard and yanked them back, jerking them off the machine. As he skidded to a stop next to them, he smirked.

"Well, this ain't your lucky day," Matt stated, still grinning as he tied the two securely. He then skated after Tommy.

Tommy continued skating towards the boy on the scooter, ducking low to pick up a hockey stick one of Eric's gang members dropped earlier. They were sloping downhill; Tommy increased his speed and jammed the hockey stick in front of the scooter's front wheel, jolting it to a stop. The boy yelled as he flew off the scooter and landed headfirst into a dumpster.

Tommy did not let this victory be long-lived, for he still had to catch up to the leader of these 13-year-old bullies, whom was upon the skateboard. Tommy knew the kid from school. He was a real jerk and picked on Tommy and his friend, Bobby. Tommy skated side by side in determination. He took his Junior Handcuffs, which he always had, and skated up behind Ralph. With a few quick movements and punches later, Tommy had handcuffed Ralph as he was still skateboarding.

Suddenly, they were racing towards a bench. Tommy skidded to a halt, but Ralph was busy trying to get out the handcuffs until it was too late! BAM!! He smacked right into the bench and toppled over in a heap. Suddenly, four police officers surrounded him and shouted, "FREEZE!"
Yes, it was obvious he was going nowhere.
Matt skidded to a stop beside his brother and they gave each other a high-five.
The Manager hurried up to the brothers, and after they explained, he thanked them again for their help.

" Go ahead, boys, have anything you want," he stated generously.

Ten minutes later, Tommy and Matt were sitting on a bench, having some burgers and milkshakes. They got vouchers from some of the storeowners. The man who operated the Burger Palace knew the boys well, so he gave their meal on the house.

Tommy was counting the reward money they received for the job.

"Forty for me, twenty for you," he announced.

But, Matt was not listening. He was looking at Courtney Chiler, a girl he liked from School.

"She's too good for you. You know that, Matt." said Tommy, breaking his brother's concentration.

"How would you know?" asked Matt, turning his head to his brother.

"Come on, I've seen her at our school. And she's way too pretty for, well, you." Tommy stated, trying not to sound mushy.

"Whatever. Hey, do you think we are getting rusty?" asked Matt.

Tommy was lifting his burger to his mouth, but then stopped. He put it back on the wrapper on his knees.

"What do you mean?" asked Tommy, as he lifted the top of his burger and took the cheese off it. He threw the cheese away, which landed in a trashcan nearby. Tommy and Matt did not notice.

"I mean, maybe we've got to carry on in life. How long do you think we'll be able to pull this off? Catching robbers at the age of fifty? That'll be uncool."

"Matt, stop being negative and get to the point," Tommy stated, putting the top on his cheese less burger and taking a bite of it.

"The point is that I'm eighteen and my birthdays not far away. I got to meet girls, go out on dates-"

"Yeah, with Courtney Chiler, who does not notice you," Tommy teased.

"Shut up," replied Matt, finally taking a bite out of his own burger.


Hope this is better. It lets you get more into the character of the two brothers. Rate and review! Thanks.
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