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by Prier
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A small yet memorable event.
A Special Moment In A Complex World

         It was almost dark when we decided to walk in the woods around the shoreline of the lake. There was a certain excitement in the air, a need for adventure. It had been a long week and we were free from the stress and tedium of work.
          The woods jutted out into the lake forming what you could believe to be an island. It was surrounded on three sides by the lake. If there was a path, it was camouflaged by the dim light and the meadow grass. But there was no undergrowth or briers to cling to our clothes or tangle our feet.
         Before we rounded the first bend, darkness was settling in like a slow cold rain. I shrugged off an eerie feeling with a silent shudder. I tried to remember the adventurous feeling that was so stimulating just a few minutes ago. Even the sounds were changing and the space above my ears tingled.
         Briers seemed to grow under our feet as spiders quickly spun webs just ahead of us. There were hunters in the distance firing shots in rapid succession. Dang! What if they spot us and think we are deer! I didn't say anything. There was no pain, only the nuisance of stickers, scratches, and sticky spider webs on my face.
         We joked nervously that we were lost and would probably spend all night in the woods. Sheesh! What if we find a body? There’s no way to alert the Sheriff.
         Suddenly the sky appeared through the trees. I could make out the picnic tables and refuse containers in the picnic area. Now, there are no monsters, no bodies, just dang stickers, and spider webs. How wonderful! And my love by my side. Yes, wonderful indeed.—CP
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