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Also known as your port-perusing guide
An introduction to anything of mine

Wow! You found my portfolio. Now would be a good time to check your stock of psychiatric medications.*Bigsmile* Just kidding, although you have to wonder what storm chasers around the world are taking.

Storm chasers? What do they have to do with your portfolio?

Well, my port is full of storms! That's why. I decided to reorganize my portfolio to show my natural fury, both in writing and life. So storm chasers, you're in luck! Whatever storm knocks your socks off, you can chase it down here. Be sure to put on some extra hair gel (please make sure it's hair gel), hold on to your hats and get ready to pursue some of the craziest storms on planet Earth!

Wondering what causes these storms? This is a good place to start. Only one or two will be in the storm landing zone (main portfolio) at a time.
(Note these journals are all rated XGC. Please enter only if you are of age.)

No Inhibitions  (XGC)
You are in for a trick
#719710 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

In My Merry Stikmobile  (XGC)
No seatbelts provided
#869039 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

Chalice of Malice  (XGC)
want a sip?
#1005764 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

Unusual  (XGC)
The result of bad wiring
#1164238 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

The Whirl  (XGC)
Where blurry lines are clearly drawn
#1415911 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

Poetic musings of all sorts are like showers and thunderstorms. They're usually short and relevant in everyday life. Sometimes they're light, and other times they're intense. However, they are all intermingled in the grand scheme of Stik weather.

 P.E.H.:Free Form  (18+)
Ink spilled into its form of its choice: no form in particular!
#674648 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

~Showers and thunderstorms that formed and meandered at their own accord. Structure and rhyme in these works are generally varying and never sticking to a particular form.

 Poetry of an Eccentric Heart,Part 1  (18+)
Poetic scribbles, foreshadowings and tribulations of adolescence
#405527 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

         Fleeting early morning showers that are generally light enough for you to forgo the umbrella (unless you're dressed nicely). Try "I Do Ask This [E] on for size.

Poetry of an Eccentric Heart, Pt.2  (18+)
Senior year, I finally broke free.
#674980 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

         These heavy afternoon showers arrive in unusually dark storm clouds. If at all possible, stay indoors. For a deep gray cloud, you may want to check out "Departure [13+].

 Poetry of an Eccentric Heart, Part 3  (18+)
Adulthood: when life is more tranquilized and poetry more twisted than ever.
#925521 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

         Evening showers are a tad lighter, but lightning is a prevalent force around this time. Avoid metal when reading these poems. The bolts radiate from "Red, White and Blue [ASR]

 Poetry of an Eccentric Heart, Part 4  (18+)
A literary turning point in my life lead me on a new poetic path.
#1111139 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

         Beware the midnight storms. Aside from the darkness, there's enough water cascading down to drown the most experienced swimmers. You can see this in "The Life of a Critic [13+].

 P.E.H.:Experiments  (18+)
Beauty within boundaries is always the sweetest.
#612724 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

~Showers and thunderstorms of varying forms and intensity. Some are light and harmless, but most are potent, packing serious thunder and lightening. Make sure you're under adequate cover when near these storms!

 Double Cinquains  (18+)
My exploits in the first actual form I quasi-mastered.
#783168 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

         These thunderstorms are brief but pack a punch. Experience this with "Grace and Mercy [E].

 The Japanese Way  (18+)
Every poet find his/her way to the Japanese forms...
#801066 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

         These showers last a little longer and have various degrees of intensity. Have fun playing in the rain with "Truman's Folly [ASR].

 Acrostics: Subliminal Messages  (13+)
In every poem, the theme is clear.
#939338 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

         These showers, while not torrential, can be fairly heavy and tend to be noisy. Perfect for cuddling indoors. Cuddle up with "I'm NOT From There [E].

 Pantoum Land  (18+)
My musings in a tricky form, the sweet pantoum.
#776128 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

         These thunderstorms are generally the longest and most intense. Watch for possible hail. It just might hit you with "The Real Versus the Ideal [18+].

 Sweet Sestina  (18+)
One glance at this form, and I fell in love.
#1016565 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

         Lingering storms with enough wind to make the rain fall sideways. Though varying in intensity, these showers and thunderstorms are for true adventure-seekers. Get soaked at your own risk. Imbibe in "A Conversation With a Past Me [13+].

 Slammed Out, Slammed Down  (18+)
Click here for some horrid reading.
#662504 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

~Showers so dinky that you have to wonder if the sky is taking a leak. Please give these showers a 1 *Star* rating. *Wink* "Gnooooome! [13+] looks good with low ratings.

Every once and a while, there are sunny days in the land of the Stik. You can catch glimpses of these rare moments here. Any writings that have to do with the site in some capacity will be placed in one of these folders as well.

 The Light in My Path  (18+)
Even I can see it's not so bad.
#646691 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

~lighter writings that can be read by just about anyone; try out "Weathered Developments [13+]

The Toolbox  (18+)
In helping to build imagination on the site, here lie the tools to help me do my part.
#919126 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

~community items; interested in "Fill in the Blank [18+]?

 Reviewing News and Views: A Newsletter  (13+)
Sparking new ideas one column at a time
#1205344 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

~all the stuff for my unofficial newsletter project: "Reviewing News and Views [E].

 Insights: Writing Related Articles  (E)
Official Writing.com newsletters from a variety of genres
#1266371 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

~archives for past official site newsletters and the research conducted for some of them; my main genre (drama) can be found in "The Drama Box [13+].

They aren't fully formed yet, so keep track of these bad boys. Who knows how powerful of storms they may end up?

 The Infamous WIP Container  (GC)
For some reason, these will never be really finished...
#633571 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

These rain showers turned very cold and deadly very quickly. Music is a revolutionary tool, and here I have opted to dabble. These storms aren't dangerous on the surface and enjoyable to some, but underneath lie hidden dangers that have yet to be realized.

 For the Lyrically Inclined  (18+)
It all flows to the soothing meandering of music...
#398173 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

Scattered Bits  (18+)
A cornucopia of lyrics which push the boundaries of topic and style.
#704327 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

         ~If you're not careful, these icicles will cause some serious damage. I do not recommend using them for impaling. This one smarts! "Friday the 13th [13+]

 Holiday Jingles  (18+)
How 'bout some different songs this holiday season?
#910006 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

         ~Holiday parodies and originals. Watch out; they're slippery! Care to slip and slide on "Shut Up Shut Up [18+]?

Nothing is more powerful than a tornado. It's quick, destructive and heart-wrenching. Here are my literary tornados which cover every rating from F0 to F5. There's a little of everything from a contest and forum to various graphic static items and collections with less than ten items. Keep in mind that chasing tornados is quite risky, so chase these tornados at your own risk.

 Life on the Dark Side  (XGC)
In here lie the darkest of paths. Proceed with caution.
#774480 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

         One tough tornado can be found here. "Mister Egret [18+]

 The Mimosa Journeys  (GC)
A retreat like no other, and the consequences are enormous.
#862928 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

         This whirlwind of a saga may be a bit lengthy, but those who appreciate a good story about corruption and adultery will want to chase this tornado. It all got started with "Forever Tormented [18+].

 Troublesome Contents  (18+)
The contest has a life of its own!
#888777 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

         Once a year, I ask for everyone to bring on their storms for me to chase and award prizes. When the Stik chases storms, she doesn't pack lightly, and you'll see why when the contest rolls around in mid-May.

 The Inside Track  (XGC)
Past journals and related items which can be called autobiographic
#1074452 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

         Here are the F5 tornados. Why do I designate this folder with the F5 rating? SImple. This is the autobiographical section, which means you're getting the rawest of the raw in here. Bad language, graphic imagery, unorthodox ideas and personal traumas all have their place here. Proceed with caution, as this is probably the most dangerous spot in all of the storm-laden lands in my port. After all, this is where the old journals and other super personal items go.

While most people are probably more aware of what a hurricane is after September 2004, many have never weathered such an enduring storm. Though you can see a hurricane coming and prepare for it by protecting your home and getting supplies, nothing can prepare you emotionally for the unpredictability these storms do in fact possess. As an evacuee of one hurricane and a survivor of another (both of which hit my home county), I am more than aware of what a hurricane can do, and that is why these works have earned the name hurricane. These collections of ten or more parts are intense, complex, unpredictable and fairly long. Chasing these storms is meant for the marathon storm chasers, so get ready for the long haul.

 Chloe  (13+)
All she ever wanted was to be a matchmaker, but that desire is about to be tested.
#799946 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

 The Midnight Riders  (GC)
A ten story saga of a war torn girl
#650913 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

When all the storms have passed through, what's left to see? Oh, there's plenty to see! Everything visual is here. Imbibe in the personal, beautiful and quirky images spawning from the effects of my storming fury.

 Visions  (13+)
I've drawn it out for you...
#700542 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

 Stik Life  (13+)
It's all about the Stik:)
#712124 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

         If you've ever wondered why this furious storm creator is called the Stik, I think this folder provides lots of clues *Bigsmile*. Here's the most recent snapshot in the collection. "Invalid Item

 Kodak Moments  (13+)
Why I always have a camera on hand
#716626 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

         Visual arts is far from my forte, but I find that I can take a good picture when it is asked of me (or not). Here I display some of my favorite shots throughout the past few years. You might want to take a gander at "Balloon! Of Lights! [E].

 Digital Playground  (13+)
Miscellanious artistic manipluations
#716622 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

         The computer is vital to life here on Writing.com, but sometimes I like to log off and doodle. In this folder are non-Stik sigs I've obtained or created on my own. Go on and explore my forays into digital art geekdom. *Smile* Lost? Start at "On a Journey [E]

This Way!  (13+)
Odd signs I find along the way.
#964310 by Elisa the Vaccinated Stik

         Need a laugh after all that intense weather? Check out these 100% real signs. All I did was photograph these signs during my various forays around the country. You simply can't make up these outlandish postings! This one is especially amusing (or sad) "School Zone [E].

If you happen to endure these storms and live to tell the story, let me know! Reviews, leaving your mark in "Stik Skribulz [18+] and all that other good stuff would be greatly appreciated.*Smile*
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