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faith mixed with fun!

Samaritan (fat & dumb)
Priest, Jesus
robbers (1-3)
traveler, donkey, inkeeper

play guns, backpack
vestments, judge robe
ace bandage
pillow & funny glasses/teeth
fake money

(Traveller comes in. The robbers jump out from behind chairs.)

Robbers: Let’s get him!!!!

(They beat him up with their guns, take the backpack & leave. The traveler is left lying on the floor.)

(In walks a priest)

Priest: I’m SO holy. Oh, yes, SO holy.

(He nods this way & that, making the sign of a cross with his hand as he walks. He looks disgusted when he sees the traveler & walks way around him.)

(In walks the judge, strutting with his/her nose in the air.)

Judge: I’m SO important. Oh, yes, SO important.

(Looking disgusted as he/she steps over the traveller.)

(In comes the fat guy on a donkey.)

Fat Guy: Aw, poor guy!

(He gets off the donkey, wraps a bandage around the traveller’s head, then lays him stomach-down across the donkey’s back)

(They walk to the other side of the room & knock. The innkeeper comes out)

Innkeeper: Hi. I’m the innkeeper.

Fat Guy: Hi, I’m the fat guy. Here’s some money; take care of this poor guy ‘til he gets better. I’ll give you more money if you need it.

Inkeeper: Okey, dokey.

(He leads the donkey & traveler out)

Jesus: (talking to the whole audience)) So who was a good neighbor to the guy that was hurt?

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