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My attempt at a song - revised - hopefully better!


Created for me by Wild Rider

Lying here awake and looking at the stars;
it seems so long ago that I was home -
Sometimes I wonder if I'll go back again
and it's times like these I feel so alone.

I long to be back in the mountains
where the eagles fly -
To sit and watch their flight
as they circle in the sky..
They have the taste of freedom
for which each of us would die;
Just take me to the mountains
where the eagles fly.

Wind picks ups the sand, vision is a blur;
I close my eyes and wish the night was day -
Smiling at the memories of home and family,
when morning comes, the memories fade away.


You can ask any soldier, sailor or marine
or anyone who wears the air force blue -
If you could have any wish, what would it be?
The answer will ring out clear and true:


Oh, I chose to be a soldier
and to fight for liberty -
I walk in others' footsteps
who died to keep us free.
I've taken up a rifle
and will use it if I must,
Praying that war will end -
and still in God I trust...


There will be a new tomorrow
when at last we can go home,
back into the loving arms
and never more to roam.
There will be a time for freedom
because we fought for liberty,
with the love of God and country
and all it means for you and me.

I am back upon the mountain
where the eagles fly -
Standing there and watching
as they circle in the sky -
I've got a taste of freedom
and it means the world to me;
Keep faith in your tomorrows
and keep our country free!

Remember the veterans
and those who are serving our country today

***Pray for Peace***

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