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Just a little something I whipped up, S please enjoy.
Tell me,
if there is a heaven,
why then must we live on earth?
For the trial of life's pain and suffering,
bring only unto us,
the one true pleasure,
we call birth.
that from this point on,
we must live to die.
Blinded by our intuition,
to the things we cannot see.
With my pencil I sit,
trying to relay a message. . .
An unspoken thought.
For what it is,
I am not certain,
there is one thing for sure,
we shall all learn life's lesson.
Because to live,
only to die,
is to fight for our survival.
So while you sit,
indulging in your goods,
remember one thing,
there are others struggling in return.
Now when it seems,
your world can't get any worse,
someone has already been there,
better yet,
they're in the dirt.
Will you just open your eyes,
if not only for a second.
Stop looking with such narrowness,
and open your mind,
its upsetting,
isn't it?
For without that one thing,
called breath,
there would be no heart beat.
Now take this in stride,
and fulfill life's destiny,
Now lay peacefully.

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