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by Harry
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A poem about the tsunami.
Tsunami … dreadful tsunami …
waves of destruction from the sea.

Untold energy has been set in motion
by an earthquake down on the ocean floor.
Sunbathers on faraway beaches apply lotion,
oblivious to danger arriving in a few hours more.

In deep waters the tsunami waves are long
and shallow, traveling both far and fast.
On the surface nothing appears wrong,
but deep, deep below, the die has been cast.

As the deep waves near the shallows of the shore,
they slow down and rise higher and higher.
Now a monstrous wave taller than ever before,
the tsunami crashes ashore … crashes ashore.

The power of the water wantonly washes away
structures and lives as it surges, then recedes,
only to return, its waves now even deadlier.
Debris-laden, it pounds away … pounds away.

As it withdraws, the tsunami fully succeeds
in humbling Man, for it’s truly amazing to see
the death and devastation wrought by the tsunami,
delivering the awesome power of the deep blue sea.

Tsunami … dreadful tsunami …
waves of destruction from the sea.

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