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by Prier
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Psychology · #924738
Description of a sensitive character
All about Joe?

         It's hard for Joe to be angry with anyone. He can’t be aggressively physical or, except for a brief moment, hurl a hateful verbal attack; this does not mean that he likes everyone, or loves them. It's just that somehow there is a piece of himself in their place… he feels their feelings, or thinks he does.

         He has a strong need for harmony. Conflict in his personal world paralyzes him; this is especially true when it involves those near him and those he loves. He is unhappy and frustrated when he cannot bridge the gaps with respect and reason to relieve conflicts -- the conflicts that interfere with dreaming dreams and building memories.

         He recognizes that today connects as much to the past as to the future. Failure of a relationship destroys a heritage, sours memories, and invalidates achievements while it makes worthless all the trials, hardships, and sacrifices endured through out. Even worse, the scars discouraged future effort and their nagging memories burden future contentment.

         Joe believes that only death can be as bleak as a final declaration of rejection. In fact, without recourse or hope of appeal, it is worse than death because it holds the spirit captive and robs the mind of any conscious worth.

         He understands the feelings of inferiority and the frustrations created by those who watch the gates from a superior position. It's a feeling akin to rejection but enhanced with a sense of being restrained in a small place, freedom is in sight, yet unreachable. He doesn’t blame these gatekeepers, for unless they are bitter, they are simply savoring their moments, indifferent, and probably unaware -- not really trying to hurt or take pleasantness away.

         Therefore, he will continue to confront each encounter in search of sweetness - leaving bits of his soul as necessary until he is finally used up.
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