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by Harry
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A follow-up poem to Big Bad Black Bart that continues their adventures.
After days on the run, a plan formed in Molly’s mind.
She figured the town’s posse was only a day behind,
and she had no desire to return to her old daily grind.
She knew Bart would desert her whenever so inclined.

Miss Molly had always thought that she would wind
up old and broke in some western town, like her kind
mostly did, but now the circumstances were all aligned
to alter her fate, if she had courage and luck combined.

That evening she cooked a big meal on which they dined,
after which Bart drank whiskey until he was half blind.
He became exhausted from hours with Molly entwined.
Come morning, Bart awoke to discover he was in a bind.

Molly had hog-tied him and left him for the posse to find.
Caught, tried -- then in prison for life Bart was confined.
His reward replaced the bank money, Molly did remind.
In New Orleans Molly bought a house, all legally signed.

Miss Molly soon became the French Quarter’s most refined
madam and owner of a sporting house to service mankind.
Everything was first-rate; with brass, every room shined.
Molly grew rich and beloved, never again to be maligned.

(This is a companion poem to Big Bad Black Bart, which may be read in my portfolio. To find out what happens when Bart escapes from prison and comes looking for revenge from Molly, please read The Fate Of Bart And Molly in my portfolio.)

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