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by Harry
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The last in a trilogy about Big Bad Black Bart and Miss Molly.
Came the fateful day when word reached Molly’s ear
that Bart had escaped prison and was headed here
to New Orleans. This filled Molly’s heart with fear,
for she knew his threats to do her harm were sincere.

Bart was ruthless, and his revenge might be severe,
for Bart was headstrong and an outlaw without peer.
Everyone urged Molly to run, to try and disappear,
but she knew in his hunt for her Bart would persevere.

Then one night the news arrived that Bart was now near.
Molly calmly bathed, dressed in a nightgown quite sheer.
Bart burst through her door. The look he gave was queer –
anger mixed with surprise and delight. His smile did appear.

Molly was the first to speak. “I want you to know we’re
partners in my business affairs. You own half, my dear.
I am indebted to you for all that I have, that much is clear.
You can get your revenge, or you can start a new career.”

Bart thought for a while…his revenge versus all the beer,
loving, and money he wanted. Bart recognized the premier
opportunity of his life was now here. Letting out a cheer,
he grabbed up Molly, swung her around, saying, “Now, hear

me, woman. I am ready to settle down with you. The frontier
is mostly gone, become too civilized. If we both will adhere
to dealing honestly and fairly with each other, I’ll revere
you, for you are quite a woman. I speak true, not insincere.”

Molly knew Bart was the most man she’d ever known. A tear
of happiness rolled down her cheek, because, with her to steer
him right, Bart could make great husband-material. In a year
they were a happily married, successful couple whose sphere

of influence in the community now spread both far and near.
Some power brokers in politics joined with Bart to engineer
his campaign for governor of Louisiana. How is still unclear --
Bart won. In a long list of shady governors, he was the pioneer.

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