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Written for Lexi's Poetry CHallenge Contest


Sounds of battle in the distance,
coming closer to the bunker now;
Try to concentrate on the outcome,
Pray for strength to win, somehow.

Eyes of comrades meet mine sadly,
all wishing we were somewhere else;
Dreaming of the mountain crevices.
watching snow as it slowly melts.

Fields of flowers, am I dreaming?
Golden wheat sways in the breeze;
Bullets fly above our heads now,
bringing each of us to our knees.

Mother dear, I long to see you -
hold you close, erase the pain;
Should your dear boy die in battle
and never see my home again?

Thoughts of home and family vanish
as the enemy is now clearly seen;
"Fire at will - defend the freedom!
Be brave and strong, young Marine!"

Johnny has fallen, right beside me
and his blue eyes are opened wide;
There'll be tears somewhere in Heaven,
as the blood flows out from his side.

I can see the terror forming
on the faces of these young men;
"Fire at will - Defend your country!"
and the fighting starts again.

I pull the pin from the grenade,
Throw it high and throw it well;
Send these devils to their maker,
Help them find their way to Hell.

Bullets slam me in the shoulder,
but I can fight, ignore the pain;
They're retreating, we can win now!
I look down at my proud stain.

Purple hearts and combat medals
won't bring back the men who died;
I take aim and let the lead fly
until my bleeding soul is satisfied.

The war will end, I hope forever,
but the memories will remain;
The sands of time will soon cover
traces of each man's proud stain.


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