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Feelings about men who don't show respect for women.
The Madness

I'm tried of all the madness and the hype.
When I go outside
all want is to be left alone.
Speak if you like I'll speak back
but leave me alone.
I want nothing from you
but respect and if you
can't give that please
just leave me alone.

I feel all your madness
the anger and the threats,
Everything is a show and tell to you.
I guess you have to be that way
because you were rised that way:
No respect for others.
Keeping up the Joneses.
Just your way or no way.

That's fine but please if you can't
love me or show respect for me
just leave me alone.
I don't want you if
that's what the madness is about.

I wasn't rised that way.
I was rise to show respect
for others and to help others if I can.
You help no one but yourself.

You cling to your madness
with every fiber of your being.
I see you trying to
spread it to others.
Some accept it freely,
others show signs of resistant.
Nonetheless, they accept the madnes.
While others, you threaten
if they don't accept the madness.

If someone tells you how she
feel about you and your madness,
You respone by using
physical bodily harm.
"What! you mean to say that
I don't have the right
to tell a low-life
like you how I feel about you?"
"You're disgusting."

Maybe your madness will end someday.
Maybe if I show you
love and kindness that will help
you to let go of all the madness.
"Forget it" there's no helping you.

You treat people like
you have explicit rights and authority
to make their life a living hell. You don't!

You behave as though I'm the one
bothering you. Why would I do that?
You mean absolutely nothing to me.
Did you hear me? Nothingnnnn!
Didn't your mama teach you better.
I guess not. That's sad!

Well, I've got to go.
Maybe the next time I see you,
the madness will be gone.
Perhaps a decent human being,
would have sufaced.
In any event God loves you
and so do I.


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