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by Harry
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A storoem about thoughts about human behavior from watching my dogs on walks.
No matter how well-trained you may be,
you can only hold things in just so long.
Then you simply must let go…or explode.
For humans, in this category, anger belongs.

When you make your mark, there will always
be a bigger dog to come along that can mark higher
than you can reach. Happiness lies in satisfaction in
making your own mark at the level you can acquire.

There is an instinct to want to claim territory
as your own – territory you will fight to defend,
even against much larger dogs. Wisdom comes
in learning to avoid those fights you cannot win.

Once you’ve made a mess, you can always try
to cover it with grass or leaves or choose simply
to walk away…but it will still lie there and stink.
Any mess people make, they should rectify quickly.

The mere sight of a cat strolling a half-block away
will set a dog off, barking and all too ready to fight.
Some people react much the same way to another race.
Will they never learn the dumb dog’s way isn’t right?

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