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by Harry
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A thought-provoking poem about the purpose of beauty in Nature.
The other night on TV, I watched a show
about the Brazilian rain forest. One kind
of bird being poisonous, the natives all know
eating it will make them sick. So, to remind

its predators of its toxicity, the bird displays
bright plumage – the more poison it contains,
the prettier the species. Other animals ablaze
with colors warn: “If handled, I inflict pains.”

Most frogs aren’t beautiful creatures, but the
poison dart frogs are easily among the prettiest.
Using beauty to warn of toxic danger is a key
principle seen in Nature: Pretty? Don’t molest!

Advertising its poisonous nature with beautiful
coloration is found in animals from butterflies,
frogs, snakes, fish, to birds. It’s quite insightful
the most dangerous are so attractive to our eyes.

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